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The mission of Positive Resistance is to exclusively support and develop the resilience of youth maturing in the foster care system.

Transformation for Today

When did your adolescence end? Most adults will give an age, or name a period in time when they felt they were no longer a child, without giving consideration to their proficiency in overcoming the developmental stages of adolescence. Are you self motivating?  Have you developed the self-control which would make you capable of implementing and adhering to an ethical system? Did you discover your relationship to your peer group?  Can you build new skills?  Are you able to empathize with others?  Have you developed emotional and psychological independence? Were you able to arrive at a self-definition based solely upon your opinion of yourself? If one were to consider it, the passage into adulthood involves mastering several of these very tasks.

How will we evolve? When the environment of a child is balanced and in harmony with his inner world he lets go of his parents' hands and marches through the developmental stages of adolescence, eagerly leaving childhood behind while stretching towards adult life, self assured. However, what becomes of this same youth if his environment failed him?  Can he continue to find an incentive for good behavior when no reward appears to be present? What happens to his individual frustrations? What principles will he arrive at? With limited parenting is this child more reliant upon the knowledge of his peers? Does he trust in his ability to get things done? Is he confident with a firm sense of emotional security or is he afraid to grow up? Did the daily emotional fluctuations numb his spiritual condition? Can this child learn to give and receive love?  Does his community need him? Furthermore, where does he place himself in the context of society?
The task to end adolescence is more complex for foster children.  Their development is constantly interrupted as they work twice as hard to reach a place of normalcy. To put it concretely, foster youth have the same developmental chores as all other children only they have fewer tools. Positive Resistance is an organization supported by the passion and effort of volunteers nationwide.  Our plan is to minimize at-risk behavior in helping youth find resources while focusing on their abilities and individual gifts, enabling them to imagine performing optimally as adults, future parents and societal contributors.


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